Work Groups

Working Groups
In line with  choices of the University Centre participants have a common interest in the assessment of problems of people with disabilities and in  their social and work  inclusion.
The groups are based on the awareness that  problems of persons with disabilities should be analyzed in details, using specific skills of experts trained for this purpose and integrating the conclusions reached in specific areas in a synthesis carried out by an interdisciplinary team .
This assessment will lead to formulating a  project  more specific and, at the same time, more integrated and anchored to  the individual life context.

Working Group on socio-cognitive assesment

• Prof. Salvatore Soresi
• Prof. Laura Nota
• Dr. Maria Teresa Sgaramella
• Dr. Lea Ferrari
• Dr. Sara Santilli
• Dr. Maria Cristina Ginevra


• development of assessment tools;
• development and efficacy assessment  of programs fostering social inclusion and employment;
• development and efficacy assessment  of  multidimensional  rehabilitation ( cognitive and psychosocial);
• development and testing of guidance programs.


Working Group on "Disability and terminal illness"


Coordinators: Ines Testoni , Laura and Teresa Note Sgaramella

• Mencacci Elisa, Clinical Psychologist , Consultant in Psicotanatologia
• Ghezzo Daniel, degree in Clinical Psychology, Sexologist and Consultant Psicotanatologia ;
• Badalusi Corinne, Clinical Psychologist , Consultant in Psicotanatologia
• Daniela Di Lucia, Clinical Psychologist , Consultant in Psicotanatologia
• Susanna Falchero, Clinical Psychologist


• development of tools and protocols for assessment, analysis of significant variables as well as risk and protective factors ;
• advice,  support and prevention, aimed at the whole entourage that revolves around the person with disabilities (caregivers, family members and professionals involved) ;
• specific training on issues and proposals aimed at involving  workers in dealing with  disability management;
• supervision of  proposed interventions .