Services » Knowledge transfer to persons with disability


Individualized counselling

  • cognitive profiles with emphasis on strengths:
  • prevention of cognitive and behavioral disabilities derived from unmet needs;
  • social skills, problem solving and decision making  enhancement;
  • knowledge about job, personal and career   planning


  1. Support activities aimed at the cognitive aspects are provided. Interventions targeted to teaching are present:
    • Enhancement techniques for basic cognitive abilities (eg. attention, memory, communication, language)
    • Strategies for the optimization of skills in daily life.
  2. Support activities aimed at the relational aspects are provided through the development of interventions aimed at:
    • Self-esteem and self-efficacy
    • Strategies and decision-making styles
    • Social problem solving skills
    • Assertiveness

These activities may be conducted through individual meetings or group, for disabled people of different ages.